Running an Efficient Chemical Reconciliation to Maintain an Accurate Chemical Inventory

Chemical reconciliations are like hitting refresh on your chemical inventory system. After you perform a chemical reconciliation in your lab or at your facility, the chemical inventory is accurate, precise, and more reliable for all end users.

Run Chemical Reconciliations Regularly

To keep an accurate chemical inventory, it is essential to perform regular chemical reconciliations onsite. An accurate chemical inventory is a representation of a safe and compliant workspace. Completing a reconciliation will reset the chemical database system to guarantee that the chemicals listed in the inventory align with what chemicals are actually onsite. It can be difficult to maintain diligence with the chemical inventory in the day-to-day operations of a facility. Chemicals are used or discarded as waste, and it can be daunting to have to track where these chemical containers go. A quarterly chemical reconciliation can heed significant results and be manageable and efficient to perform.

The Results

The benefits of completing quarterly chemical reconciliations are evident after only two quarters, and only increase when regularly completed every quarter. Already implemented throughout many life science companies, regular chemical reconciliations can lead to significant results. One large life science company with a chemical inventory of over 20,000 chemical containers has been managed to a point so accurate that it is within a 1-10% margin of retention. That can be compared with an average margin of 40-80% retention when companies neglect reconciliations or they only happen every few years. When chemical reconciliations are infrequent, the inventory is so inaccurate that it becomes ineffective to even have a chemical inventory in place.

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