What to Look for in a Chemical Inventory Partner

The market for chemical inventory software options is large and competitive, and it isn’t hard to find a software that is technically able to perform the tasks you need. You can narrow your options by price, compatibility with your servers, and which one you think your staff will like the most. But there is one key determinant of a successful chemical inventory control software (or any software or service): with whom you decide to partner. The people you choose to help you build, implement, and support your program, manage your chemical inventory list, and will have a massive lasting impact on your long-term success. Consider the following when weighing your options.

Ease of Use

We’re usually looking for a new chemical inventory solution because the old way of doing things wasn’t working. The last thing you want is to launch a new program that is just as hard to use and manage. If possible, you want to partner with someone you know and are comfortable working with already. You’ll want to confirm that you can use certain channels of communication during the buying, implementation, and life of the program. Make sure those channels are consistent and easy to understand, or you’ll be in store for many headaches down the road.


Check to see if the software and partner you have in mind can integrate with your business – both operationally and in terms of software connectivity. Ask yourself if the software will be usable by the people in your organization, and ask your potential partner if they are willing to help bridge any gaps between the inventory control software and the people. You want a partner who can train the users of the software to be adept and champion the program internally. You may also be looking for external help with running your program down the road – Can your partner help provide that extra step of filling into your team?

Implementation Capabilities

There are many chemical inventory management software options on the market that are well developed and have tons of features and potential to be very useful. Those systems can fall flat, however, when no one is around to guide you through a proper program launch and implementation. Do you have the internal resources and time to devote to configuring a new software and customizing it to fit your site-specific needs? If not, you’ll need a partner who can take the out-of-the-box software and implement the program to mesh with your existing EHS program. Look for a software partner who can provide you with easy configuration and help with launching a new system at your site. The launch includes the software, but you should also consider how to assign roles, create workflows, develop site-specific documentation, and how your chemical inventory list and data will get into the system in the first place.

Ongoing Support and Resources

A partner is more than just a software company with a program they have developed. They should have a network of support to help when you have questions and issues. They should be able to adapt to your needs as you develop and grow and have to reconfigure your user groups. A chemical management partner should be able to audit your chemical inventory list and find ways to save on your facility's lab chemicals. When you want to run new reports or add a new team member to help with receiving lab chemicals onsite, a partner should jump into action, advocate for you, and get to work on bringing you best solution possible. Choose a partner you trust will always work for you and with you, it is a crucial decision that you must not overlook.

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