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Written by Sasha Laferte

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RCRA, hazardous waste, EPA

5 Reasons Why RCRA Training Should Interest You

I attended one of our very own RCRA hazardous waste trainings today.  RCRA training is necessary to your success at your job if you’re dealing with the waste your company generates. RCRA is not just another set of regulations to make your job more difficult and...
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waste minimization, waste management, healthcare, waste management services

13 Waste Minimization Hacks for the Healthcare Industry

So you’re looking to minimize your waste...Maybe it’s to cut down spending. Maybe to save employees time & confusion.

RCRA, hazardous waste, eh&s, DOT, safety

Avoid 6 of the Most Common Hazardous Waste Violations

Whether you’re a large or small quantity generator of hazardous waste, you have a lot to think about regarding managing your hazardous waste in a safe and compliant way. In 2012 there was $16...

Field Services, lab pack, lab safety, lab move, lab relocation, Education, life sciences, lab decontamination, technical services

7 Things You Need to Know About Before Moving Your Lab

There are a lot moving parts when it comes to completing a lab relocation. You have to pack and label chemicals, decontaminate your lab thoroughly and transport everything to the new lab, while,...

EPA, emergency plan

[QUIZ] Are You Prepared For an Emergency Response Situation?


waste management

Waste Management Tactics 101: Guide to Compliance

Hazardous waste management is regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) under the EPA. Below the federal level, each state is authorized to adopt all the federal RCRA...

EPA, OSHA, PHMSA, compliance

Regulatory Penalties Increasing Soon! What  You Need to Know (Article Round Up)

Keep reading for a round up of articles that will tell you what you need to know about upcoming penalty increases for major regulatory bodies.

compliance, ehs outsourcing

6 Reasons to Outsource Environmental, Health, & Safety

Whether you’re a large healthcare institution, a small research & development venture, an industrial manufacturing powerhouse, or somewhere in-between, outsourcing environmental, health, and...

safety program, safety in the workplace, safety compliance, OSHA, safety, safety culture

5 Tactics to Get EH&S Employees Safety Compliant

It’s uncomfortable; it’ll be quick; I forgot: Just a couple excuses employers hear every day when it comes to not complying with safety regulations.


5 OSHA Standards Your Facilities Should Have In Their SOPs

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) exists to protect employee health and safety in the workplace. Since many institutions often have decentralized...
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