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Ensure Compliance with the 2012 HazCom Standard Revision

OSHA’s 2012 revised Hazard Communication Standard implemented changes to promote worker safety through adoption of three primary tenets of the United Nations sanctioned Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, otherwise referred to as GHS.

Through adoption of the international standards, OSHA’s original HCS that was promulgated in 1983 and referred to as “Worker Right to Know” is now focused on “Worker Right to Understand.” Pictograms and statements required on container labels are intended to provide consistency and faster recognition of the hazards associated with the chemicals. A standardized format for Safety Data Sheets (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets) will present essential emergency information up front, making it more readily accessible in the event of an exposure. Employee training must be provided by December 1, 2013, including the specifics of the new labeling requirements and SDSs.

Three Tiered Approach to Compliance 

  1. Update facility plans and programs (e.g., Chemical Hygiene Plan, Hazard Communication Program, Emergency Response Plans) to include labeling and SDS requirements.
  2. Assist with the selection of labels for secondary containers of hazardous chemicals that are compliant with GHS.
  3. Provide employee training that explains the new labeling standards and SDS format. It is important to note that manufacturers have until 2015 to completely convert their labels and SDS to conform to the new standards. Therefore, employees must understand that there will be inconsistency and to be aware of the differences during the interim period.

Triumvirate's expert consultants offer comprehensive solutions that keep organizations compliant with the revision to the Hazard Communication Standard and adoption of GHS. The tiered approach allows for an all-encompassing GHS compliance solution that includes plan and program updating, secondary container labeling, and employee training; however, our GHS services also include open enrollment train-the-trainer courses that provide employers with the knowledge necessary to provide internal GHS training to their employees before the December 1, 2013 deadline.

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